News: ADVICS Receives the Deming Prize


ADVICS Receives the Deming Prize


Deming Prize Committee announced today that ADVICS won the 2013 Deming Prize. 


The award ceremony is scheduled to be performed in Keidanren-kaikan on Wednesday, November 13 at 5:30pm.
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The Deming Prize is of the highest award on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world.  It was established in 1951 in commemoration of the late Dr. William Edwards Deming who contributed greatly to Japan’s proliferation of statistical quality control after the World War II.  His teachings helped Japan build its foundation by which the level of Japan’s product quality has been recognized as the highest in the world.
The categories of the Deming Prize are the Deming Prize for Individuals, the Deming Distinguished Service Award for Dissemination and Promotion (Overseas), the Deming Prize, and the Deming Grand Prize (former Japan Quality Medal).
The prize category that was awarded to ADVICS is the one given to the organization that have implemented TQM suitable for their management philosophy, scope, type, scale of business and management environment.
(Source: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers home page)



Deming Prize Committee announced today that ADVICS won the 2013 Deming Prize. 

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