Integrating new technologies we have developed with state-of-the-art electronics creates brake systems more reliable and responsive to our customers’ needs.

We strive to achieve the goal of pursuing driving safety and comfort allowing ADVICS to contribute to the establishment of a more sophisticated automotive society. We see the brake function as a system, and we bring technological expertise and experience together to incorporate new applications within the entire system, providing cutting edge, high-quality systems. These advancements cannot come from individual components by themselves, but through the comprehensive understanding of how all of the different parts of the system interact. Keeping “customer first” in mind, ADVICS, as a global brake system supplier, continues to dedicate itself to deliver safety and comfort to customers worldwide. ​

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Regenerative Brake System
This innovative system reuses kinetic energy recovered during hydraulic braking, increasing energy efficiency.

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Improving Vehicle Safety

Anti-Lock Brake System
Anti-Lock braking systems prevent wheels from locking during emergency stopping. They maintain vehicle control and stability even on slippery road surfaces.
Brake Assist
Brake assist technology increases brake pressure in an emergency situation, maximizing stopping power.

Electronic Stability Control
Electronic stability control ensures vehicle stability by automatically controlling brakes and the engine system when sensors detect vehicle instability during cornering.
Pre-Crash Safety
If the pre-collision system detects the possibility of a collision with an obstacle on the road, it activates "pre-crash brake" mode and reduces collision speed.

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Adding user-friendliness

Electronic Parking Brake
The electronic parking brake can operate simultaneously with the shifting of the gears.
Adaptive Cruise Control
The adaptive cruise control uses radar to measure the speed and distance of the vehicle directly in front of the driver and automatically accelerates or decelerates to maintain safe distance and speed.

Enhancing driving performance

Traction Control System
The four-wheel drive traction control system improves driving performance by preventing wheel spin during muddy or rugged off-road driving.

Crawl Control
This brake technology automates the engine and brake control during off-road driving conditions, improving driving performance while maintaining a very low vehicle speed.

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